Health office information and requirements for all students

Required Forms for New Students:

Required Forms for Students already enrolled at Marian High School:

Health Forms: Health Office Information and Requirements for Students New Student Health Information TB Information Parental Consent for Over-the-Counter Medications Health Office Emergency FormStudents with Medical or Religious Exemptions:Medical or religious exemptions will be accepted with (1) a written statement, submitted annually to the school nurse, from a licensed provider, stating the medical reason for the exemption (2) a written statement, submitted annually to the school nurse, from a parent/guardian which justifies the religious exemption.

Any Student traveling out of the country for 4 weeks or more may be required to have a TB test done before returning to school. Please read TB information sheet to see if this is applicable.TB tests must be done in the United States.

All Forms must be submitted to the Health Office no later than September 1st of this school year. Students must submit a copy of State Required Immunizations before attending school. For more information please go to the MassachusettsDepartment of Public Health website: read the Marian High School Handbook regarding Health Office Medication Protocol.

Marian Health Office can be contacted at (508) 875-7646 ext. 214 or at