Marian parent organization

The Marian Parent Organization is a group of volunteer parents/guardians who, along with Marians Advancement Office, provides the school with support through coordinating fundraisers and special events. We encourage parents/guardians to be involved, whether you want to be up front or behind the scenes. Studies have shown that when adults are involved with their childrens education they do better in school. You can support Marian in many ways with many volunteer opportunities.

Our goal is to bring the school and parents together to make Marian the best experience for our children. We believe that with the help of all of us within the Marian community we can achieve this goal.

Marian Parent Organization meetings are held monthly and all are welcome. Please come and be a part of discussing upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and sharing your own ideas.

If you have any questions about how you can help or need information please contact the Development Office at