Men’s Ice Hockey

Marian’ Men’s Ice Hockey has been operating for more than 30 years ago. More than 10,000 children began their journey in sports at Marian. And every year their number is growing, the number of those who are taking their first steps.

We help young hockey players reach sports peaks in comfortable conditions. It is a true joy to preserve the sporting traditions of our country and increase records and awards!

Every year, the school witnesses new achievements, interesting competitions, and worthy places in tournaments of various levels.

The school lives its own life, grows and develops, doing everything possible for those who decide to devote themselves to HOCKEY!

Currently, more than 500 boys of different ages (from 5 to 16 years old) are engaged in 12 groups of the ice hockey division. Promising children, as well as children from socially unprotected and single-parent families, are paid a monthly scholarship. Hockey equipment and trips to sports and recreation camps are also provided.

The Marian’s trainers are international-class masters of sports, trainers of the 1st and highest categories, as well as young, promising specialists.

Our hockey teams are participants in official championships and numerous tournaments.

Over 30 years of its existence, Marian’ Men’s Ice Hockey has achieved high results. School teams have repeatedly become winners of competitions at various levels. Our students give excellent results – hockey players not only play hockey professionally, they can think, feel the opponent, understand the psychology of the game.

Our students are promising and will probably make a worthy change to today’s hockey masters!