Athletics is an Olympic sport that includes running, walking, jumping and throwing. It combines the following disciplines: running, walking, technical (jumping and throwing), all-around, running on the highway and cross-country (running on rough terrain).

Athletics is one of the main and most popular sports. Athletics exercises are carried out for the purpose of physical preparation, as well as for competitions even in ancient times. But the history of athletics, as is commonly believed, began with running competitions at the Olympic Games of Ancient Greece (776 BC).

And it’s really difficult to find a sport that could argue in popularity with athletics, whose history began in ancient Greece. Athletics was included in the program of the first Olympic Games. And the games at that time consisted mainly of disciplines of this sport. At first, the Olympians competed in the race at a distance of 192 meters (this was the length of the Olympic stadium in ancient Greece). Later, the program included running in both directions – there and back. Later, pentathlon competitions and relay racing have already appeared. A mandatory attribute of the relay was a burning torch, which the participant passed to the next athlete.

Athletics was also popular in Europe, in particular in Britain. Competitions in high and long jump, throwing and running were organized here in the 12th century. Most of the championships of that time became the basis for modern athletics disciplines. Interest in athletics flared up with renewed vigor in 1859 when the Olympic Games revived in Greece. Athletics took center stage in the national championship.

Athletics at Marian High School includes the following disciplines:

The health benefits of athletics are obvious. In the process of regular training or running for recovery, all muscle groups develop. Proper breathing helps to saturate organs and tissues with oxygen, improves blood circulation, which is necessary for the prevention of many diseases. The body is constantly in good shape. Athletics is considered the most affordable sport that can be practiced at any age. Regular training does not require large material outlays since sports equipment and accessories for novice athletes only need the appropriate uniform and shoes.