Marian high school book list2016-2017

Purchasing Textbooks

Click link to access the textbook list: 2016-2017 Textbooks

Because we no longer have a third party vendor for textbook purchases, we have worked to provide a streamlined approach in directing you to online merchants from whom you may purchase your course materials. Rather than shopping around online at multiple merchant sites one by one, this link allows you to obtain the same results with just a few simple clicks. It eliminates the need to copy and paste multiple ISBNs over and over again into individual merchant sites in order to find the best deal.

Regardless of where you choose to purchase your books, it is the students responsibility to have his textbooks by the first day of class each semester. You must verify the ISBN number when purchasing books. Some titles have changed edition number and you can only be assured of the correct book by the ISBN. Marian High School is not responsible for the purchase of the wrong edition or a discontinued book. If you have any questions about the ISBN number, please email Mrs. Baril at

To ensure that your book order arrives on time, please check the processing and shipping information provided by the book seller. Processing time does not include shipping time and can add a minimum of 5-7 business days to your order.

Students and parents should take into consideration the potential for schedule changes before purchasing any books. If students decide to change elective courses after they have purchased books, they will need to find another student to purchase the book from them or to selltheir book(s) online.