Social Studies

Social Studies

Social Studies Department Mission

The Social Studies Department at Marian High School provides a curriculum designed to challenge students to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the contributions that diverse civilizations and cultures have made throughout history. The department aspires to nurture the growth of its students by promoting social justice values that encourage good citizenship.


Social Studies Department Goals

  1. Challenge students with thought-provoking questions that address the contributions of diverse cultures.
  2. Cultivate a quest for knowledge, as well as independent and critical thinking skills in order to promote global understanding.
  3. Promote an environment that fosters open discussion with respect for diverse points of view.
  4. Encourage the development of research and writing skills within the discipline of the social sciences.


Social Studies Department Objectives

  1. Demonstrate awareness of ethical issues and moral conflicts within the social science discipline.
  2. Consider issues from multiple perspectives.
  3. Use both oral and written communication skills to develop arguments that defend a position.
  4. Investigate primary source and research materials to enhance interpretative and analytical skills.
  5. Explore historical connections between the past and present to promote a greater understanding of the cycles of history.
  6. Identify key individuals, issues, trends that have shaped history and continue to impact the world today.
  7. Compare and contrast various forms of government in light of what it means to be a citizen.


The Social Studies Department offers a selection of courses that enable students to achieve a background in the social sciences. The subject combines the study of history and the social sciences and promotes skills in citizenship, which serve as a proper foundation for college majors in the area of social studies. A strong emphasis is placed on evaluative research and analysis. It is important for students to learn about central institutions and values in their society as well as those around the world. By challenging our students with thought-provoking questions, the department hopes to cultivate in them a quest for knowledge, as well as independent and critical thinking.