Department Mission Statement

The Mathematics curriculum will challenge our students with a variety of problem solving situations, developing the student’s critical thinking skills and analytical ability. These skills not only apply to the realm of mathematics, but also extend across many academic and professional disciplines. The curriculum is designed to meet the differing needs and abilities of all students in an environment where students are respected and held accountable.


Department Goals

  1. Develop facility at problem analysis from multiple representations.
  2. Use graphing calculators as a tool to understand mathematics.
  3. Develop an appreciation of the wide use of mathematics in solving problems in a variety of settings.
  4. Develop an ability to make sense of data.
  5. Think critically and use logical reasoning.


Department Objectives

  1. Analyze real world problems from stems that are verbal, graphical, numerical and symbolic.
  2. Demonstrate ability to use a graphing calculator to graph functions in an appropriate window, solve equations, analyze behavior, use tables and generate functions from data.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency in applying mathematical concepts to problems drawn from multiple situations.
  4. Collect data and model events in order to interpret, analyze, and make predictions.
  5. Communicate ideas and make convincing arguments using mathematical reasoning.

The curriculum will prepare the student for college level mathematics. College preparation courses are offered to meet the math requirements for graduation. Honors level courses and AP Calculus are offered for those who wish to challenge themselves. The unifying concept of the curriculum is the function. Graphing calculators and computer software, as well as traditional teaching methods, are used as tools to aid the learning process.

Four years of mathematics are recommended for all Marian students.