World Language Department Mission Statement

The World Languages Department at Marian High School provides the opportunity for students to study Chinese, French, Italian, Latin and Spanish. Through these languages, students will have the chance to develop language competencies through grammar, translation, communication and cultural understandings through the explorations of these languages. The World Language Department ideally prepares students for future endeavors in various careers as the U.S. global economy has a high demand for bilingual individuals.

Language is for communication, and our program emphasizes the four skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing. Participation in the program leads the student to greater insights into the structure of English and has much “carry over” influence in other academic areas. A people’s language is the cornerstone of their culture.

The department prepares students with appropriate language background needed for entrance to and success in college in a multicultural world. The student is prepared for entering a world full of diversity.


World Language Department Goals

  1. Communicate effectively in the world language
  2. Develop insight into the importance of bilingual competency
  3. Promote cultural understanding with respect to other languages and culture
  4. Appreciate diversity in a positive environment through the target language


World Language Department Objectives

  1. For each language:
    • Demonstrate from basic to advanced fluency in communicative skills in the target language (French and/or Spanish)
    • Appreciate the linguistic-socio-cultural aspect of the Italian language
    • Understand the Latin (Romance Language) enough to read and write and make the connections between English & Latin
    • Appreciate the linguistic and cultural foundation of the Chinese language
  2. Relate the target language to specific career goals.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of multiculturalism through projects, presentations, etc.
  4. Communicate with other people on a level that values diversity.

Students must study at least two years of the same language to graduate from Marian. Most colleges like to see three years and very selective colleges (depending on your major) like to see four years study of the same language. Most Marian students choose French or Spanish and continue with that; Italian and Latin will be electives for Juniors and Seniors. In some cases, underclassmen would be allowed to take Latin or Italian.