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Below you will find a collection of homework assignments.

Homework Assignments

Chemistry – C Block


Term 2 Read Ch 5 and do the vocabulary on page 148 all.

Physics – D Block

Due: Monday term 2 Nov.5th

Read Chapter 5 particularly the section on circular motion as it leads to satellites and Kepler’s laws.

Do. the vocab at the Chapter end. All

Physics – E Block


same as D block

Physics – F Block


same as D block

Honors Physics – A Block

Due:Mon. Nov 5

Read Chapter 5 emphasizsing circular motion. Do Questions 1-20 even only at the chapter end. Complete sentences.

AP Physics – BG5H5 Blocks

Due: Tues. Nov 6

AP students need to study parabolic trajectories and circular motion in Chapter 5. Circular motion leads to kepler’s laws and universal gravitation as the force causing circular motion…..Newton’s Synthesis.look up the Kepler Satellite and write a short paper on the transits of the stars there. ~200 words….1 page.