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Below you will find a collection of homework assignments.

Homework Assignments

Foundations of Theology – C and B Blocks

Due:11/25/14 and 11/ 20

What does it mean to be Human

400 words – include ideas such as growth, potential, freedom, love, responsibility and relationships.

Review Questions on pages 94 and 99- be sure to read the text

Pages 77 and 85 (review questions)will be checked on Thursday 11/13 which is also the day of the test on Chapter 3

Page 73 review Questions (Read pages 70 – 73) due Tuesday.

Read pages 74 -77 and answer review Questions on page 77 due Thursdsay November 6th.

Paper this week is titled “Leadership”. Explore how leaders are chosen?, what are the qualities of leadership? and why groups need leaders. 400 words due Friday November 7th. If you’re sick on Fridaye-mail it . It can’t be late.

Page 65 review questions and prior reading due Tuesday 10/28

Read 65-70 and answer review questions on page 70, due WED 10/29

Write a 400 word essay entitled “Freedom” due Friday 10/31.

Page 62 – due Tuesday 10/21

Paper due Thursday October 23rd 400 words: “What covenant means to me?”

After reviewing the definition of Covenant – chooses from among the groups you belong to and state what are the expectations faced by each participant in that group, which expectations are spoken? written? what group do you belong to? – what helps you be a faithful, effectice participant and what does all this have to with the meaning of covenant?

Some groups include family, class, school, team,band student council. Good luck!

Retreat on Friday, permission slips due back Wednesday

New Testament / Church History – E, F and HI Blocks


Write (or re-write a short story which has a meaning) Explain the meaning. 400 words due Thursday 11/20

Pages 52 and 159 will be checked on Thursday 11/20

Homework for Sophomores Week of November 10th

Test at the start of the week (Chapter 6)

Due Thursday – 10 commandments exercise from class.

Due Thursday November 13th

Due Tuesday 11/4 Re-read Heinz dilemma. Explainwhether you think he should or should not have stolen the drugand state what level of moral reasoning you used to arrive at your choice.

Due Thursday November 6th: Write a pro or con statement (paragraph of at least 100 words). Most people who obey religious laws do so either to win God’s favor Kohlberg’s Level 2) or to avoid God’s anger (Kohlberg level 1).

page 141 Review questions due Tuesday 10/28

400 word Paper due Thursday 10/30. Explain the Connection between Law and Morality. (Can all moral decisions be fairly legislated? Explain)

Page 143 (review Questions due Friday, 10/31)

Test on Chapter 5 Tuesday 10/21 – In addition to slides students must know (and be able to write about) 3 references detailing different aspects ofPeter’s personality.

Review Question on page 134 are due Thursday AND page 137 due Friday 10/24.

Journal check Friday