Mr. donohue’s homework assignments

Homework Assignments

English 2 – D Block

Due:5/13 – 5/17

Running homework: Review each Act and Scene read in class

English 3 – C Block

Due:5/13 – 5/17

-Running Homework: review all material covered in the MLA book

Tuesday: Read “Ambush” on page 834

-Research paper due dates:

*Tuesday April 23: Works Cited – quiz grade

*Wednesday May 1: Outline with a thesis statement – quiz grade

*Wednesday May 15: Final paper: 3 test grades

*All work must be submitted IN CLASS on the day it is due. I will not accept any late work. Prepare accordingly by printing out your work days before it is due.

English 3 – E Block


See C block

English 3 – HI Block


See C block

English 4 – B Block

Due:5/6 – 5/10

Research paper due dates:

*February 27: book presentation

*March 13: Outline with thesis statement

*March 27: Works Cited

*April 11: Final paper

Review for Final

Friday May 3rd: Pun Book is due