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Midterm Review References

Midterm review links for World History (for history review quizzes): Click here

Midterm review link for U.S. History (for history review quizzes): Click here

Review quizzes for the Biology midterm: Click here

Homework Assignments

ESL Language Development Skills – A and D Blocks


Homework- all homework for the week is due on Thursday

week of 10/28

Monday—Bring an article to class aboutAmerica for Tuesday

Article reviewdue on Wednesday

Test onOctober 28th on Unit1 of red book– vocabulary words see study guide given in class

Make sure you have 3 essays in your writing folders! Choose 1 you want graded

Academic Support – F Block


September HW

Fill out planners in detail for all subjects. estimate how long each subject will take you and write it in the top left corner of each planner box. Time your HW and in the right corner, write down how long it actually took,

Quiz on study skills on September 27th

note book checks: October 1-2, 18-19, 29-30