Mr. barry’s assignments

Below you will find a collection of homework assignments. I will keep assignment up until either interim grades or end of term:

Homework Assignments

Honors Biology – A Block

Due:See BELOW for current and past assignments

2/3 Do Lab 5 prep for Tuesday; Lab 6 Prep for WED

IN-class science fair presentation start THURSDAY; ALL Video presentations DUE THURS

2/10 Finishing science fair presentations – BRING IN ALL MATERIAL TO SET UP FOR SCIENCEFAIR

2/12 Read and outline – CH 9 [1 hr min]; finish over vacation, due all IN CAHPTER questions. NOT END of chapter


AP Biology – CG6H6 Blocks

Due:See below for current and past assigments

2/3 SS CH 18&19 Due 2/25 [T]; [no 18.5, 19.3]

SS CH 21&22 Due 3/4 [T]; [no 21.3, 21.4, 21.6, 22.1]

1st semester TERM TEST – 2/10[ALL 1st semester terms plus ABE]

Workingcurrently on CH25


Chemistry – D Block

Due:See BELOW for current and past assignments

2/3 Read and take notes CH10; half due Tues, rest due WED

2/6 QUIZ all CH8 – you can use outlines

2/10 CH 10 # 47-52

2/12 QUIZ THURS; #58 – 62 CH 10


Honors Chemistry – F Block


2/3 Science fair presentations – START/ or are DUE Thursday 2/6

2/10 Finishing science fair presentations – BRING IN ALL MATERIAL TO SET UP FOR SCIENCEFAIR

2/12 CH 10 – #47 – 62; PLUS Tank problem



Due:See BELOW for current and past assignments

9/11FILM camera needed by Thanksgiving break; 3+ rolls of Kodak TMAX 100 35mm film

11/15 NEW TERM:: Post Misc Photo to BLOG Sunday – QUALITY COUNTS THIS TERM!!!!!

NIGHT TIME [BOTH available light and added light images] 6+ images DUE 11/26 [E]; DUE 11/27 [B]

11/20 EMULATION assignment – Due 12/9 or 12/10 – depending when you have class. 3 photos from print or online magazines that you would like to emulate – original and 3 emulations must be passed in.

YOU NEED YOUR FILM and FILM CAMERA BY WED 11/27!!!! One roll of film shot by 12/2, 12/3 – depending on when you have class

12/2 Exposed B&W film due NOW!! NO comments this week [NO posts this past Sun either]

Want to see emulation photod NEXT class WED/THUR

Night time photos WERE DUE 11/27


1+1+1 = 200 DUE 12/16, 12/17

POST this Sunday 12/8

12/12 B – Block URBAN/STREET assignment 6+ images on USB DUE 1/9

E – Block NATURE assignment – 6+ images on USB DUE 1/10

Continue with yearly long HOLIDAYS assignment

NEED Portfolio [or photo album] for First semester portfolio

1+1+1 = 200 – due on USB with 3 photos AND 200 word essay 12/16 or 12/17

12/13 SEE ABOVE:

12/17 Comment on a SET of emulation photos by WED 11:59p

1/6 see above****

PLUS – E-block [CHRONOLOGICAL photography] DUE 1/24 [6+ on USB]

B – block [EDITORIAL photography] DUE 1/23 [6+ on USB]

START working on PORTFOLIOS: Book Portfolios due AT THE LATEST – Start of midterm

3-4 images from each of the following assignments; [if only 2 images required – submit two

2nd term MISC

Chronol [E]/Editorial [B]

Urban, street [B]/Nature [E]





1st term MISC

1-5 portraits


still life

***Part of MT grade on portfolio is effort and creativity of book presentation***

3 or 4 images from each of the above assignments should but represented and labeled

They are in REVERSE order, please have the in the Portfolio IN CHRONOLOGICAL order**


This Sunday POSTone photo from either your CHRONOLOGICAL or EDITORIAL assignment

2/3 3rd Quarter REWIND – Choose assignment from 1st or 2nd term and REDO it

E <-> B block switcheroo

2/12 Rewind assignment DUE 2/13; B block – CHRONOLOGICAL-NATURE [6 images due]

E block – EDITORIAL – STREET [6 images due] DUE 2/25


Below is general info and DUE dates for Science Fair participants

Due:See Below: THESE are 2012-13 dates they will be updated but can be used as a guide for now

10/1 Topics/Titles – THINK, DECIDE, TURN IN to Mr Barry ASAP – First Come-First Choice!


10-17 Everyone is either working on IRP [idividual reseach plans] PLUS forms 1A and 1B

OR working on resubmitting a new proposal for approval ASAP.

Absolute deadline for starting projects is wed before thanksgiving – Any NOT approvedBYthis day will be marked dow 5 pts on final project grade. THIS IS NOT A DUE BY DATE – ANY PROJECT NOT APPROVED BY NOW IS FALLING BEHIND EVERYDAY !!!!!!!!!!

11-1 SCIENCE FAIR PAPERWORK DUE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do not delay!

11-7 RESEARCH SECTION DUE w/Bibliography on THURS

11-7 PENALTY starting Monday 11-11 Quiz grade of 0 if IRP/1A not in; SECOND 0 Tuesday – Max score of 65% on ENTIRE project if paperwork not in BY CLASSTIMEFRI – WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER SCHOOL 11-15

11-15 FINAL CALL FOR SCIENCE FAIR RESEARCH PLANS _ Due BEFORE class WED – Otherwise 65 max grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


11/20 YOU SHOULD BE WORKING ON PROJECTS!!!!! Update will be due 2nd week of DEC

12/2 Journals due – WITH EVIDENCE OF WORK – **UPDATE*** on 12/9

EV projects – Turn in a typed Narrative discussing progress

1/14 REMINDER – PAPERS are due NO LATER than 2pm on 1/24 [FRIDAY]

Mr Barry NEEDS to know which students/groups are videotaping their projects [BY 1/24]

VIDEO presentations are dur 2/5 by 2pm

LIVE classroom presentations start on 2/2