Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Fine Arts Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Marian High School Fine Arts Department is to cultivate the growth of its students in a supportive, nurturing and challenging environment by providing them with the creative opportunity to experience and to appreciate the aesthetic importance of visual art, dance, photography, music and theatre. These opportunities will enable them to actively participate as patrons, promoters and producers of the arts in a diverse community.


Fine Arts Department Goals

  1. Develop a knowledge base of the Fine and Performing Arts.
  2. Appreciate the aesthetic and expressive value of the Fine and Performing Arts in their historical, cultural, and social contexts.
  3. Develop an understanding of methods, materials, techniques and styles.
  4. Increase comprehension and awareness in the Fine and Performing Arts through problem-solving, critical analysis, and communication.


Fine Arts Department Objectives

  1. Demonstrate competency with the key concepts of visual and performing arts through written evaluation and self-assessment.
  2. Observe and analyze professional works through museum tours, photo journal publications and performance venues.
  3. Create original artwork and photography portfolios to display at art fairs and contests.
  4. Provide entertainment at various local venues.
  5. Create and develop portfolios of artwork, scripts and musical compositions.
  6. Critique works through oral discussion, using appropriate terminology and applying the elements of design and composition.


The Fine Arts Department includes theatre, art, music and dance and seeks to recognize the creative spirit in all students. Through study, interpretation and execution, students who enroll in courses in the Fine Arts Department will not only explore the pedagogy of each discipline, but also gain a greater appreciation of the importance of the fine and applied arts in the world.