English Department Mission Statement

The Marian High School English department uses various methods to provides a curriculum designed to lead students to discover they have a great need for language to understand, appreciate and make an have an impact upon their world. The department is committed to developing communication skills in reading, writing, and speaking.


English Department Goals

  1. Improve students’ reading comprehension in both informational and literary texts.
  2. Develop and improve writing skills in order to communicate effectively in a variety of formats.
  3. Reinforce and review grammar, usage and mechanics.
  4. Increase oral communication skills for the successful exchange of ideas and information.


English Department Objectives

  1. Introduce students to a wide variety of genres of literature.
  2. Recognize the similarities and differences of the human experience through the study of literatures from the four corners of the world.
  3. Demonstrate through writing the ability to effectively analyze, organize, develop, defend, and criticize arguments and concepts presented in the diverse literature studied.
  4. Increase competency in effective oral communication skills through a variety of classroom opportunities.
  5. Understand and apply principles of grammar, usage and mechanics in a variety of communication methods.
  6. Engage in research writing using a variety of technological and informational resources.

The English Department’s courses operate in a relatively uncomplicated manner. All students must, of course, take English for four years. By and large, most students progress from English 1 to English 4. Other students progress from Honors English 1 to Honors English 4 or even to Advanced Placement English, which is offered senior year.

Students are not permanently locked into either course sequence. With teacher recommendation, students averaging 90 or higher for the year can move from the college preparatory section to the honors section at the beginning of the next academic year. Conversely, students already in an honors course must maintain a yearly average of 80 to keep their eligibility. The department will not take responsibility for unsatisfactory performances by students placed in honors classes without departmental approval.

Perhaps no other academic discipline possesses the responsibilities of English. English should lead students to discover that they have a great need for language to understand and to appreciate and, finally, to have an impact upon their world. English can lead them to know that they are not alone, that the same issues that surround and seem to threaten their lives have been part of the common experience of man forever, that laughter is still possible, and that writers of the past and present are crucial in making life worth living.