Wine and Paint Party

The first wine and paint party was arranged in 2007 in Alabama, US. Over 1000 wine and paint business is present in the United States of America. These business facilities offer a genuine way to make life easier especially after a stressful day. You may also spend time with friends and family. Honestly, most of these paint and wine parties are fairly inexpensive. Their rate on average is $35-$45 per person.

Such companies should possess a variety of wines accessible for your guests to taste and choose from. Every person may choose wine within his price range. There are many great affordable wines out there. However, a company should provide at least red, white, and pink wine to choose from. A snack plate with your favorite fruits, crackers, cheeses, and some dark chocolate is offered. The guests will enjoy the snacks as they taste each wine.

Painting options that include all items a company is required to carry out the painting project.

The list includes: