Science Fair 2018

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Science Fair 2018

Back on February 9th, Within the Physics and Biology labs on the fourth floor were 30+ projects completed by 36 students – The result of 15+ weeks of experimentation, successes and failures. Some high level attempts at scientific inquiry; while the luster of the day was diminished by postponing the evening fair due to a stow storm, students and faculty and some parents still took advantage to the “open house” we had in its place. They were able to offer up a question or two, and offer criticism where needed to ensure higher quality in the regional fair and beyond.

From HYDROPONICS to pH; from SURFACE TENSION to TECHNOLOGY; from PROTEINS to PLANTS – much time has been committed to explore these and other topics. Please take a few minutes to explore with us the questions that beg for answers……..

Students this year were able to do an experimental Science Fair experiment or partake in Toshiba’s Exploravision Award contest – a small group project contest of imagining the evolution of a particular technology 20 years in the future. Of the experimental projects 9 were chosen to represent Marian At the Worcester Regional Science and Engineering Fair WRSEF at WPI in Worcester on FridayMarch 9th.

Those students chosen are:

Chris Liazos

Hannah Zolock

Ciara Scamby

Jeremy Schneider

Elizabeth Brady

Tom Liu

Owen McGarry

Kathy Nguyen

Gianna Botte