Skype Speaker Series Starts in Honors World Religion

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Skype Speaker Series Starts in Honors World Religion

The senior Honors World Religions course has begun a Skype Speaker Series. This speaker series is based on answering the question “what does it mean to be human?”

Monthly, people of different backgrounds, faiths, ages, races, political viewpoints, etc., will share their experiences as a human being and engage with the students in constructive dialogue.

The first speaker in this series was 24 year old University of Florida graduate Nikki Whiting. An American of Cuban descent born and raised in Miami, Florida, Nikki’s interest in immigration and social justice prompted her to fight for undocumented workers, children, and students’ rights both locally and in Washington D.C. Because of this, Nikki learned the value of activism and organized grassroots campaigns through her involvement in student-led social justice organizations. She’s worked on multiple campaigns from the gubernatorial to the national level. Nikki currently works in the House of Representatives for Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen where she works on administrative and legislative issues like immigration, the environment, foreign policy, education, and the economy. She hopes to attend law school next fall.

After speaking to and with the class, students were very impressed with the work Ms. Whiting has done at such a young age.  As a whole, the class felt Ms. Whiting’s activism breaks the stereotypes often associated with the Republican party. Only positive things have been said about the kick off to this speaker series and the class is looking forward to what other speakers have to say.

“I like doing this where we have a speaker ‘come’ to our class from other places and speak about what we are doing in class” – Sofia A., ’18

“NIkki knew her game plan and come out with it, so she was a great speaker. I honestly learned a lot from this and I really liked class today. These conversations will connect the course material to our daily lives.” – Rachel K., ’18

“Dignity is what gives us humanity. And I like that people, outside of our class about dignity, know this. I really admire how much she dedicates to helping others” – Audrey B., ’18

The speaker series will continue next month!