Marian Spirit Week 2017

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Marian Spirit Week 2017

Friday the 29th marks my last Marian pep rally and the end of my senior year spirit week. Reflecting on the spirit weeks of years past and preparing for the final day of this year’s spirit week, I cannot help but think of the great days and experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Maui Monday, the first day of spirit week, definitely set the tone for the rest of the week. The carefully planned hawaiian and tourist-themed outfits transformed the school into a crazy island destination. The lunchtime luau provided students with a brief but refreshing break between classes.

Twin Tuesday has become a Marian spirit week staple. The extremely evident appeal and subsequent interest in this theme cannot, in any way, be underrated. When you can see double in the halls, you know what day it is. Twin Tuesday is and has been all about inclusivity and community. Finding someone else or a group with which to twin gives students the chance to get to know other students, and the final product is a school full of twinning students. Voting for the Faculty Homecoming King and Queen during the two lunch periods did not come without the expected excessiveness of last-minute campaigning and also allowed for the participation of the teachers in the spirit week hype.

Holiday-day Wednesday was a new theme implemented for the very first time this spirit week. Why celebrate holidays separately when you can do so all in one day? The mix of Santas and snowmen, Easter bunnies and pastel colors, Uncle Sams and USA-lovers, and St. Patty’s Leprechauns allowed students to get a taste of each holiday (Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, and St. Patrick’s Day) in one day.

Charity Color War, implemented last year, was a huge success once again. With each grade dressing in specific colors in support of various charities, the Marian community came together to help others. Despite wearing different colors, the respective grades all came together to raise funds for the chosen charities. The Freshmen class, decked out in all purple, raised money for Suicide Awareness. The Sophomore class, covered from head-to-toe in blue, raised money for Autism Speaks in support of the sibling of a fellow student. The Junior class’ white-out raised money for those being treated for Bone Cancer. And, last but definitely not least, the Senior class disappeared from the halls in camouflage and black in support of the Wounded Warrior Project.

The final day of this year’s spirit week, Marian Pride day, is a day to go all out and dress in your Mustang gear! With the halls decorated in blue and gold, the traditional  pep-rally will have an increased sense of Mustang pride. In addition, the homecoming court will be presented and the King and Queen revealed during the pep-rally. This day really lets students show their spirit before supporting the various sports teams compete (Volleyball and Football this year) after school. Of course the homecoming football game is the must-attend event during spirit week for students. Spirit week ends on a high note with the homecoming dance on the weekend. Then, unfortunately, spirit week will be over and all of us Mustangs will be forced to wash off the blue and gold war paint, give our voices a break from all the cheering, and return to school as usual. But, throughout the school year, we can look back on our crazy spirit week and regain a sense of our school spirit. After all, Mustangs Never Die!

Go Mustangs!

-Rachel K., ’18