A Letter to the Class of 2017 from a Recent Alum

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A Letter to the Class of 2017 from a Recent Alum

Dear Class of 2017,

Congratulations on becoming the newest members of Marian’s alumni.  You have all come a long way to get to this point in your journey. I have had the pleasure to know most of you through the three years. Although I might not have known all of you in those years, I can imagine some of the great things that you helped to accomplish here at Marian. As a recent alum, I always like to look back and think about what things that I remembered most about being part of the community. The things that I can remember the most would be for the friendships I made and being a part of the mustang family. A question you should ask yourself would be “If you could go back to any moment in your four years at Marian, what would it be? And why?” Or “What do you want to be remembered most for as a member of Marian?” You have all reached your goal of getting to this point in your life, graduating soon from Marian High School, and the next step of the journey is off to college where the years go by even faster. This is one of the last times that you will be together as a class, and maybe some of you will be heading off together to the same college. This is your time to cherish all of the good things that you have all accomplished in your years at Marian. I am proud of you for your accomplishments. Although I cannot be present to talk to you, and see you graduate on Friday, I thought that I would send a message as I am finishing up my last couple weeks of my first year in college and thinking of all of you. To the Class of 2017, you have rounded the final turn of the track, and are moments away from crossing the finish line. Enjoy your final days as a class, because it will be all over before you know it. Congratulations Class of 2017! As the saying goes “Mustangs Never Die” remember it forever, because you will forever be in the hearts of everyone that knew you here.

All the best,

Teddy Brown

Class of 2016