Open Letter to the Class of 2018

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Open Letter to the Class of 2018

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A letter to the class of 2018


Dear class of 2018,

    As you complete your junior year, we would like to give some words of advice we’ve learned from experience. I know you might think this is stupid but pay attention anyway because we know what we’re talking about.

    Believe it or not,You are the leaders now, for better or for worse. Make sure you are actively making wise decisions, because the underclassmen are looking up to you. You guys have a bigger leadership role then you think, so set a good example and don’t abuse the power you have.

    Come into Senior year with a positive attitude. Your attitude towards school can really impact how your year goes. Time moves fast and before you know it, you’ll be the ones writing this letter.

    Be yourself, don’t let other people influence who you are. Think about what you say because you can’t take back your words. Remember you’re making the legacy you and your class will leave behind.

    Spend time with your friends you only have one more year to spend together. Soon you’ll be leaving this place and saying goodbye. Try new things because there is no time like the present  It’s alright if your friend group gets smaller, it may be for the best.

    Go all out for Spirit Week, it’s the last one you’ll ever have. Make sure ALL the seniors actually know about Senior Skip day

But DON’T let Mr. Herlihy find out!

Watch High School Musical 3: Senior Year again because it will mean more to you now than ever before.

    Your year is going to be very busy

manage your time wisely, don’t give up halfway through the year. Colleges look at ALL of your grades so don’t slack. Please keep up on your sleep, it’s extremely important.  Make sure you start college applications in the summer because you have way less time than you think you do.

    Teachers have a big influence on your success make sure to stay on their good side. Don’t be at war with the faculty & staff.   Take your classes seriously. Especially If you’re taking a VHS. It will come back to haunt you at the end of the year.

    Senioritis IS REAL and YOU WILL GET IT but work hard so you won’t have to take all your finals…or do summer school.

The amount of work you put into high school translates into how much opportunity you have after you graduate. Choose a goal, and work towards accomplishing it. End the year without regrets.

    Develop a relationship with your guidance counselor, she plays a big role in your future. Once you decide what you are doing after you graduate, like where you will attend college, or if you will start working, or if you will join the military,

take pride in it.

    Senior privileges are not rights, they can be taken away. College rejections can happen but they are not the end of the world,

they are things you can learn and grow from.

    Make new traditions but try to keep the old ones. We’ve all worked so hard to keep them alive. Help with fundraisers so that your prom can be great!

    Don’t try to plan your whole life before you walk out of high school. It’s really just gonna stress you out. Stand up for what you believe in, don’t just quietly complain, you need to SPEAK UP! Don’t give up on yourself.

    In the wise words of George Peterson

“Don’t do stupid”.

Sincerely, the Class of 2017

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