A Letter to the Class of 2017 from a Recent Alum

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A Letter to the Class of 2017 from a Recent Alum

Dear Class of 2017, Congratulations on becoming the newest members of Marian’s alumni.  You have all come a long way to get to this point in your journey. I have had the pleasure to know most of you through the three years. Although I might not have known all of you in those years, I… Read more

Open Letter to the Class of 2018

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/rqo-r3V_gE8   A letter to the class of 2018   Dear class of 2018,     As you complete your junior year, we would like to give some words of advice we’ve learned from experience. I know you might think this is stupid but pay attention anyway because we know what we’re talking about.     Believe it… Read more

Marian students take part in the Walk for Hunger

For the past 48 years, hundreds of thousands of people of all ages have come together through the Walk For Hunger to raise money for programs that ensure people have access to healthy food. Nine Marian students met early Sunday morning May 7th with Theology Department Chair, Mr. McGarry to join this proud tradition. The… Read more

Ohana 2017: Freshmen/Sophomore Weekend Retreat

Aloha friends I hope you all had a great weekend. As some of you already know, the Ohana overnight retreat took place at Marian this past weekend (April 28/29). The freshmen and sophomores that attended this overnight participated in multiple activities that helped them strengthen the bonds between, not only themselves, but also the senior… Read more