Science Fair 2017

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Science Fair 2017

It is spring! The temperatures and getting higher, the days are getting longer, senioritis is setting in AND Marian High School Honors Science students are wrapping up and presenting their Science Fair Projects or Exploravision Projects.

Yet, spring was delayed in February due to snow the day the science fair was originally scheduled. The “Fair” is usually held on the 2nd Parent-Teacher Conference night. In doing this we are able to have a large captive audience in the building each of whom has a study period during which they could visit the fair. This year we had to reschedule the fair to the following Wednesday, February 15th. Hoping folks would still come out to support the Honors students.

The evening was nicely attended by honors students, their parents, host parents, some siblings and grandparents, a few faculty and some neighbors, all of whom were able to see the fruits of the labor of 16 weeks of worthwhile science research and experimentation.

From HYDROPONICS to pH, from SURFACE TENSION to TECHNOLOGY, from PROTEINS to PLANTS, and KITES to CRISPR CAS-9 the honors students answered queries displayed results and reflected on was occurred and what could have been.

When all the researching, protocol writing, experimenting, data collecting and analyzing was completed the science department chose 6 students and projects to represent Marian in the Worcester Regional Science and Engineering fair at WPI in Worcester on Friday March 10th. In addition, 5 group projects have been submitted to the Toshiba Exploravision Awards competition held each Spring in DC.

Congratulation to the regional winners and to all the students who did high quality high school science projects this year!

Benjamin Guerreiro  [Jr]  “Temperature effect on Resistance in Metals”

Jordana Kasaato [So]        “ Oscillating Reactions”

Lia Brossi [So]                      “Oyster and Clam Water Filtration”

Gabriel Gonzalez [So]       “Thermal Insulation as it Relates to Layers”

Sophia Moisé [So]              “Vibration Isolation using Various Materials”

Hannah Zolock  [Fr]           “Hydroponic Gardening: Nutrients and Lettuce”

Elizabeth Brady [Fr]           “Does Heating Citrus Fruits Affect Vitamin C Levels?”

The WRSEF at WPI is open to the Public [Families, friends, fellow students after 2pm on Friday March 10th – See for details or email Mr Barry at