Marian Celebrates Ash Wednesday

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Marian Celebrates Ash Wednesday

The Marian community gathered together in the auditorium on Wednesday afternoon to kick off the Lenten Season with an Ash Wednesday prayer service.  Through scripture readings, prayer, motivational videos, and song, the Peer Ministers created an environment where you could contemplate what this time of year truly means.

The reflection written by Peer Ministers Lilly Kurina and Paige Sparling, the overall purpose of the prayer service was captured perfectly:

“Ash Wednesday is about renewal. Let today be a new beginning for all those who need it. Let’s use this as a chance to change the things about ourselves that we could improve or would like to alter. A time to reflect on ourselves and see what we should change but also notice the good things.

The book of Joel (Joel 2:12-14) is reminding us of all that God has given us.  We sometimes see God as the judge, but we need to remember that He is merciful if we turn to Him and this day gives a perfect opportunity to do so.  Ash Wednesday is a time to return back to God.  Everyone can stray away, but we need to be reminded to repent and pray for forgiveness.  This day gives a chance to start over and begin to turn back to God.

In the second reading (Matthew 6:1-6), Matthew is reminding us that we should not only do good deeds but we should do them out of the goodness of our hearts. God does not want us to do deeds for praise and admiration but to bring joy and happiness to the people we help. We should not expect anything in return because if we go looking for glory, God will not repay us with earthly goods. The ashes that we receive are a conversation starter to spread the word of God rather than show off what we do. Wear the ashes with the love of your God and the purpose to spread His love.

Let us not forget that we are images of God. May this season help us focus on making the changes that put us closer to God and the image He has for us.”

May this Lent be a time of reflection and renewal for all.