Marian Celebrates Catholic Schools Week 2017

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Marian Celebrates Catholic Schools Week 2017

Though prayer services themselves are not unique to Catholic Schools Week, this time, we decided to try something smaller and a little different so we had to think outside the box for our planning.

We had individual theology classes meet in the chapel for the service. It was spread out over two days and the peer ministers took turns leading the groups. This gave students a unique opportunity to pray together in a more intimate and welcoming space.  The chairs were even placed in a circle to foster conversation.  The prayer services in the auditorium, though they allow everyone to be in one place at one time, do not allow for people to share their thoughts or allow for everyone to participate in an activity.  

Everyone who attended was asked to write his or her hopes for the future students of Marian on a piece of paper.  These papers were linked together to create a chain.  It showed the students a physical representation of our hopes for the future students and was a way of creating community by reminding us that we are not only connect to one another but to the entire Marian community: past, present, and future.  

In the end, there was an overall positive response to this new way of having a prayer service.

-Lilly K., ’17