Diversity Seminar Brings Marian Together

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Diversity Seminar Brings Marian Together

In Marian’s mission statement, it states that “the Marian community welcomes students from diverse backgrounds.” Although Marian is a small Catholic school, its community consists of people from all different countries and with all fascinating backgrounds. As an international student and a supporter of diversity, I loved the idea of a diversity seminar when I first heard Christian Dardompre, our Dean of Students for the day, talk about it. We all knew that we were different, but how could we express our diversity? Our world and our community values equality, but were there problems that needed to be solved? What did it mean to be different and similar at the same time? Those were all the questions that came to me as well as my classmates and Mrs. MD when we started planning the event, and we all believed that the seminar should address those questions.

Being one of the persons who witnessed the seminar’s development from the very beginning, one of the things I had to say was that I could never have imagined how important diversity was to me and to the Marian Community. Nothing was more astonishing and fascinating than realizing that there could be thousands of ways to complete the sentence of “I am…” The process of designing the seminar with everyone having great ideas, whether in agreements or in disagreements, was already the epitome of what diversity should be.

It was one of the rare opportunities in which all four grades could participate in a school-wide event with small groups. By leading the seminar, I further learned how everyone could be different while there were still things we all shared. For example, with almost twenty people in my group, we gathered all different fun facts when we first introduced ourselves and we learned all new views regarding diversity and equality. As the seminar came to an end, everyone learned how diversity affected the entire Marian Community. While Christian Dardompre and the Class of 2017 will soon graduate, I sincerely hope that the Diversity Seminar will become a Marian tradition!

-K.W. ’17