National Honor Society Induction

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National Honor Society Induction

Our chapter of the National Honor Society just had its induction ceremony on October 23 and is launching its projects for the year. The Marian chapter, which consists of forty-one (41) members, is led this year by its all-senior officer corps. They are: President – Januario Carreiro; Vice President – Declan Walsh; Secretary – Lillian… Read more

All Souls Day

Each year, the Marian Community gets together on All Souls Day to remember those who have passed away.  Those who have gone before us, be they family members or friends, have played important roles in our lives and therefore shaped the Marian Community as a whole. Faculty staff students, parents, faculty answer are asked each… Read more

All Saints Day Celebrated Through Marian Liturgy

Celebrated on November 1st, All Saints Day is set celebrates every saint; the well known ones, the lesser known ones, and we even recognize that we are all called to be saints.  We may not become canonized but we can strive for living out saint like qualities. As the Marian community, we gather to celebrate… Read more

Marian Gives Back During this Time of Thanks

Horizons of beautiful foliage, the blowing of crisp air, the unique and familiar sound of the crunch of brittle leaves that have since fallen, the abundance of candy corn, and the atmosphere of the notorious Thanksgiving dinner are all things that many take for granted during the month of November. Most think of visiting with… Read more