Reflective Words from Marian’s Dean of Students

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Reflective Words from Marian’s Dean of Students

I was the tutoring center coordinator for Hopkinton High School when I decided to apply for the open English positon at Marian High School. I got the job in the fall of 2010 and have been here ever since. This first year as Dean of Students has been quite a transition but a transition that I have thoroughly loved.

I had the benefit of knowing much of the student body and in turn they knew me. This was invaluable as I switched from a teaching position to an administrative position. The rapport that I have established with the students has helped make this transition as smooth and seamless as possible.

There are certainly plenty of challenges associated with my new job but I look forward every day to tackling those challenges head on. My greatest reward is that I have earned the trust of so many of my students. After all, I am the Dean of Students, not discipline. Although the discipline aspect of my job is critical, my first responsibility is to create and foster a safe learning environment for all Marian students. In fact, my favorite part of my job is helping my students feel safe: safe to come to school, safe in the hallways, safe to ask and answer questions, safe to learn, develop and grow. I have loved my time here at Marian and I know I am going to continue to love my new role for years to come.

-Brian Donahue, Dean of Students