Freshman Retreat Brings Class Closer Together

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Freshman Retreat Brings Class Closer Together

What comes to mind when you think of hula hoops, Bertucci’s rolls, and Mr. Raymond? The freshman retreat of course! On Wednesday November 16th, the freshmen went on their class retreat at St. Julia’s Parish. They worked together as a group on forming community. By working together, they became closer, and were able to develop new ways of thinking.

So what did they do? Both silly and challenging games and activities allowed the class of 2020 to persevere through difficult tasks, to play, and to pray together. Everyone in attendance, adults, senior peer ministry leaders, and freshmen, were on the same level, participating in every aspect of the day. The day was filled with laughter but also allowed time for prayer and reflection. Olivia Mendall and Mrs. Rivera took time out of their day to share meaningful stories about how their choices shaped who they are today.

By the end of the day, the freshmen learned valuable skills they can take with them throughout the rest of high school. They also took with them   new friendships, relationships, and experiences.

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