All Souls Day

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All Souls Day

Each year, the Marian Community gets together on All Souls Day to remember those who have passed away.  Those who have gone before us, be they family members or friends, have played important roles in our lives and therefore shaped the Marian Community as a whole.

Faculty staff students, parents, faculty answer are asked each year to give names that they would like to have remembered during the All Souls Day prayer service. For each name shared a Candle is lit.   These names will also be placed on our wall of remembrance for the entire month of November.

Every one of us has had or will have an experience with the loss of a friend, family member, or acquaintance. All Souls Day is the day we give recognition to all of these people. As a community we were asked why this service is important to us, these are some of the responses that stood out.

“Every person counts.”

“It is important to remember those who have died, to keep them alive spiritually. One is only truly dead if he or she is forgotten. It is important for us to learn from their lives in order to make the right decisions in our own. We can learn from their triumphs and errors.”

“It represents a special day when we come together to celebrate and remember the lives of those that we love who have since passed on.”

“I find that young people are very egocentric and it is important for us to think outside of ourselves in the form of meaningful reflection.”

“This ceremony is important in that it bring us together as a community to mourn and remember like a family would because that is what we are at Marian: a family.”

On All Saints Day and every day, as a family, let us remember the people who have impacted our lives and the lives of members in our community. May they always live with us, and through us.