All Saints Day Celebrated Through Marian Liturgy

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All Saints Day Celebrated Through Marian Liturgy

Celebrated on November 1st, All Saints Day is set celebrates every saint; the well known ones, the lesser known ones, and we even recognize that we are all called to be saints.  We may not become canonized but we can strive for living out saint like qualities.

As the Marian community, we gather to celebrate mass each year on this Holy Day of Obligation.  This year, the students on every grade level worked together with their Theology teachers to add a special twist to our prayers of the faithful. Each Theology class was asked to name someone they would recognize as a “Living Saint”.

What are Living Saints? A living saint is a living person who embodies the traits of a saint, going out of their way to help others.  The people chosen by the students embody humility, selflessness, courage, and faith, just to name a few.  These men and women are world renowned and local heroes who continue to make an impact on our world. The students also selected objects to represent these individuals during our prayer. The following are the prayers used in mass.  These prayers showcase not only the amazing things done by these brave men and women, but also highlight the qualities most respected by our students.  May we all strive to live out these qualities.

“For Malala Yousafzai and her village, where her motivation to survive and to continue educating all women began. Thank you for her ability to inspire us to engage in peaceful methods to stop injustices and unite the young people of the world.

We use her book as a symbol of Malala’s attempt to tell her story to the world and to fulfill her dream of -”one book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.” Help us to show the courage and bravery that Malala did.

For Jane Goodall. She spent 45 years of her life studying chimpanzees. She used the knowledge she found and contributed it to science and environmentalist. Goodall used her life to help us understand more about the chimpanzee species.

We use a toy monkey as a symbol of Jane’s dedication in the pursuit of knowledge to better our understanding of human nature as a society. We pray that her knowledge will continue to influence science today.  

For Pope Francis and his willingness to unite the world in faith and to bring the Catholic Church to a new generation of believers. Thank you for his ability to reach out to everyone as the “Pope of the People.”

We use a coexist sign as a symbol of Pope Francis and as a representative of the people- regardless of sex, race, color or creed. God, let us all be as accepting as the Pope in a world of discrimination.

For Aung San Suu Kyi for pursuing nonviolent movements for human rights in Burma. She made Burma a safer place to live, and inspires the world to be kind. \

We use the Burma constitution as a symbol of Aung’s fight for the rights of every human being. Today, we pray for all of the people Aung has and continues to inspire.

For Sister Cathy and her dedication to the Marian community. Through her faith, compassion and charity, she has made Marian a wonderful place. Thank you for her selfless and caring attitude that helps to foster her belief in us.

We use the Sisters of St.Joseph logo and the Marian Seal as a symbol to express Sister Cathy’s dedication and love through her vocation and devotion. May her love for us and for the school continue to show everyday at Marian.


For Pope Benedict and his selflessness, putting the Catholic Church first, when he took the initiative to step down at a time where he felt he could not longer uphold the standards required as the Pope.

We use a stole as a symbol of Pope Benedict’s position as a highly respected member of the Catholic Church. Lord, continue to guide Pope Benedict in all that he does.

For Robby Novak, also known as kid president, may his joy and positivity, despite his battle with brittle bone disease help us realize that there is something good in everyday. Let his use of the term “carpe diem” inspire us to live everyday as if it were our last.

Let our American flag represent the love he has for our country and for everyone in it. May we all be as kind, giving, and awesome as Robby.

For Mrs. Barbosa who always exemplifies what it is like to be a model Catholic to the Marian community, especially her stories of her work spent in the Peace Corps. A kind and caring woman, teacher, and mother who brought so much to Marian in the few years she was here.

May a picture of the Virgin Mary represent her devotion and dedication to God, Mary, and the church. Let us pray for her and her new baby, along with the rest of her family, that they remain happy and healthy.

For Amy Julian, we thank her for all of the selfless work she has done to help the less fortunate in her missionary work. She is a model example for putting others before ourselves.

Let a Globe be a representation of how she has opened herself up to help the rest of the world in their times of need. We pray that we can have the strength to be as selfless and giving as Amy.”

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