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Spirit Week at Marian

When “Who’s your twin?” can be answered with a list of 5 names, you know it can only mean one thing: Twin Tuesday. Sure, twin implies two, maybe even identical, but that’s just one interpretation. Walking through the halls on the first day of this year’s Spirit Week you might think you’re seeing double, triple, or any number of multiples. Sometimes you have a group of Scooby Doo gang characters “twinning” with themselves and sometimes it’s just an excuse to wear a really cute onesie to school.  Either way, Twin Tuesday was a great way to kick off Spirit Week 2016 because it’s all about inclusivity.  Everyone can be your twin, the more the merrier-No Mustang Left Behind!

This theme was echoed throughout the week as students, faculty, and staff came together during decades day.  Students were channeling characters from old tv shows and raiding their parents’ closets for the perfect look from the 50s, 70s, and 80s. Thrift shopping takes on new importance when you want to get the most votes for best dressed like Marian’s very own Saved by the Bell cast proved with their winning look that even included a member of the administration.  

This year a new spin on old traditions, Charity Color War, was a huge success.  Each grade level took on a charity and raised funds through a paid dress down and bake sale.  The entire Marian community really came together raising over $600 to be donated to their chosen charities.  Freshman were decked out in Pink to raise funds for breast cancer research, Sophomores in red for the American Heart Association, Juniors in white for bone cancer research, and the Seniors rocked black and camo for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Rounding off the week was Marian Pride Day.  The halls of marian were flooded with a sea of blue and yellow as students sported their Marian gear in preparation for the pep rally and the big game.  Seniors Declan Walsh and Jay Carreiro made it their personal goal to ensure that the entire class of 2017 was wearing FACEPAINT! After all the cheering, silly games, and pie eating contests, the pep rally was capped off with the crowning of the 2016 Homecoming King and Queen Christian Dardompre and Olivia Carneiro.  The entire homecoming court and all Senior fall sports players and their parents were honored during halftime at the homecoming football game. There’s nothing quite like seeing the homecoming king walk off the field and take a knee to receive his cap and his very shiny crown as his parents and the rest of the crowd cheer him on.  It’s what spirit week is all about.

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