7 Reasons to Thank Your Small Catholic High School

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7 Reasons to Thank Your Small Catholic High School


Bonds that could never be broken

By, Carolyn Sistrand, ’16

1. Everyone knows you

This could be a good and a bad thing at times. Knowing everyone brings the whole “one community” or “Family” aspect to the environment catholic high schools always preach to have. It is nice to know the faces you see everyday because it brings a sense of comfort and familiarity, even on the rough days.

2. Opportunities are not in short supply

Smaller schools usually have number issues when it comes to participating in certain activities. With a small catholic school, this allows more activities to be flexible and available to the busy high school student who might want to participate in more than one activity. It, also, allows smaller schools to be breeding grounds for more diverse students in all different disciplines like sports, theater, or other clubs.

3. You do not have to be the best in order to participate

Since numbers are a big issue, talent is not always the main priority. At these school many of the coaches, directors, or authority figures want to see dedication and commitment. If you show up, work hard, and are a positive influence among the group, you are always welcomed.

4. Teachers have a more personal connection with the students

In a smaller school, it is obvious that class sizes will be smaller. Due to this, teachers have the ability to not only pay attention more specifically to students but they will have a better likelihood of knowing more than just their first name. This allows the students to feel more comfortable participating in class or seeking extra help when need.

5. More open to different religions and spiritualities

The religious aspect of a small catholic school is not what people usually think. They do not try to convert everyone who walks through the door. Instead, they are open about accepting all religions and beliefs. They believe that catholic school communities are so strong because no matter your faith you are always welcomed. One of the best aspects of catholic school had to have been how accepting everyone was of each other.

6. Freedom to be yourself

With religious acceptance comes personal acceptance. Catholic schools also pride themselves in being an environment in which kids can be who they are and express what it is they believe. In a smaller school I found this to be more evident and more important. Since there were only 65 of us, we could not hide from each other and it made it easier to just accept each other and ourselves. There was no hiding from each other or ourselves.

7. Bonds that could never be broken

At a small school, you meet people you will never forget. Some turn out to be best friends for life, while others may not stick around but no matter what you all share that common bond. Years from now you will be able to look back at all the drama, happy/sad times, and memories and will be glad to say you went to your small catholic high school.