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Service After Marian


Amy Baril Julian ’03 returned to Marian on Thursday, October 13th to speak to all the Theology classes about “Service After Marian”.

Amy and her husband, David, have been on three Mission Trips to Haiti and are now Missionary Associated with “Sustain Hope”. The Julian Family (Amy, David, Ben-5 and Daniel-3) were slated to serve in Papua New Guinea, but because of political unrest in the country, their trip was cancelled for safety reasons. They are now awaiting their new assignment. Mrs. Julian, a pediatric nurse is already involved in transporting children ages 24 weeks to 17 years old from rural areas in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma to hospitals in the Springfield, Missouri area by ambulance or by helicopter (a ride Amy says everyone should experience). She always wanted to become a nurse and says that she realized that while at Marian in answer to the questions posed in Theology class – “What is you vocation?” and “What gifts and talents has God given you to share?”

Thank you Amy and Good Luck to the Julian family!