Senior Year Thoughts

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Senior Year Thoughts

It feels like only yesterday that I was lugging my overweight backpack into the gymnasium for orientation. Looking back on that particular day, I was never actually nervous. Marian High School has been my home for four years and although there have been ups and downs that every high school student will experience, I am going to miss all the little things that make my day special. It is still difficult for me to call myself a senior because I don’t want to believe that I have to say goodbye in nine months. I’ve made amazing friends that I hope will stick with me through life and it’s impossible to imagine not seeing them every day.

Walking in to school to help out with the new student orientation two weeks ago, I noticed how different it felt compared to previous years. It was almost nostalgic because I knew that the next time I go to orientation, it will be at a new place where I will once again be a freshman.

Senior year is a whirlwind of excitement and anxiety with applications, SATs, and college visits. Everywhere I tour, I find myself looking for that special something I saw in Marian as an eighth grader. That place where every hallway smells like chicken fingers and French fries and all the students know your name. That place where you can walk into any teacher’s classroom knowing that he or she has your back and will help you with whatever you need, whether you take a class with him/her or not.

Most importantly, I’m looking for that place where you are judged solely on your character and not on what sport you play or how smart you are. A place like Marian, where you can do anything. So as I count down to graduation, when I can no longer call Marian my high school, I know that I will always be able to call it my home away from home.

-Sami H. ‘17