Coming Back to a Familiar Place

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Coming Back to a Familiar Place


Coming back to serve as a staff member is a dream come true. I believe our passions often guide the choices we make and giving back to the place that started me on my path to fulfilling my dreams is a blessing. For me, being back in the halls of Marian has been nostalgic and exhilarating. Although Marian has changed a lot since I was a student here, I truly feel that I was part of Marian’s history and am so excited to be able to be a part of creating the future of Marian. Marian is a special place, a community with a mission that I identify with. I am so excited to be on board, to learn from Principal John Ermilio, the great administration, the amazing faculty, and esteemed board members. I look forward to many opportunities to be involved with the wonderful parents and students as well as the alumni of Marian High School for many years to come.

-Pam Rivera, ‘97

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Welcome back Pam!