Peer Ministers Practice Team Building

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Peer Ministers Practice Team Building

You’re 30 + feet in the air with only a rope attached to your harness to keep you up there.  You take a second to take it all in. You’ve been pulling yourself up onto wooden planks suspended from the trees by ropes and wires. Let’s be honest here: you’re a little tired. You can’t believe you made it as far as you did.   Now comes the hardest part: you still have to get back down on the ground. You continue holding on for dear life but have switched your grip to your safety line which is attached on one end to your harness and on the other end to three of your classmates.  You step to the edge of the wooden beam you’ve been standing on, knowing full well when you take your foot off of this element it’s up to those tree to keep you in the air.  No pressure. You take a deep breath, tell them you’re ready, and step forward into the unknown.  For a brief moment you’re just suspended in mid-air and it’s pretty Awesome. You’re gently lowered down by your three teammates, adding graceful arms movements to your decent, and you totally stick the landing.

This is what it felt like to be to complete the high ropes course element called the Vertical Playground during the Peer Ministry team building day at Hale Reservation (shout out to Cam and Lee for planning and leading such a great day). Was climbing up an element like that challenging? Definitely. Was it fun? Absolutely. Was it terrifying? Pretty much but the experience was fantastic. Not only because was it an opportunity to challenge ourselves but we really got to give and receive support to and from the rest of the Peer Ministry team as well as Mr. McGarry and Mrs MD. This element, along with others that forced us to problem solve, work together, and get very close very fast, was the perfect kickoff to the Peer Ministry school year.

Peer Ministers will spend the entire school year planning and executing both day long class retreats and weekend overnight retreats, learning how to be servant leaders, and leading by example. A Peer Minister would never ask other students to do something they wouldn’t be willing to do themselves and neither would their teachers. It was a great day to get together, have some fun, work hard, shake off the summer laziness, and gear up for school year filled with adventure.

For more information on Hale Reservation and their challange courses, please check out their website:

-Mrs. MD