Senior Retreat Day

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Senior Retreat Day

On the Monday of graduation week, the Class of 2016 had the chance to come together for their Senior Class Retreat. Throughout the day, the graduating seniors had a chance to look back and reflect on their 4 years at Marian, look forward to what life after high school has in store for them, and simply spend time enjoying each other’s company before going their separate ways.

Second only to getting a day of reflection with their classmates was finding out that this year’s retreat was being lead by members of last year’s graduating class.  Not only were they able to catch up but also

the seniors had a level of comfort with their small and large group leaders from the start. The leaders all attend different universities, both near and far, but could speak directly to what it’s like leaving the small, familiar halls of Marian and heading out into the “real world”

a conversation from which the graduating Seniors definitely benefited. These returning Mustangs were happy to give up a day of their summer vacations to support their former schoolmates on such a special day.

Though most of the retreat’s activities were a surprise, there wasn’t a senior in attendance not excited to receive their palancas. After over a month of writing them to each other, they were finally able to see the palancas they had so eagerly awaited. These letters

of encouragement from friends, family, and Marian faculty/staff members really meant so very much to the graduating seniors.  One of the greatest benefits of having the retreat at the Gardens at Elm Bank was

having enough beautiful garden space for the seniors to go out and choose a place all their own to  read their palancas.

The Class of 2016 (and their Class of 2015 leaders alike) had many positive things to say both during and after their retreat day but perhaps the greatest compliment is already having a list of now recent Marian graduates signed up to lead next year’s Senior Retreat. Without a doubt, the bonds built at Marian last a lifetime.