A.  The first thing you must do is GET ORGANIZED in all of your subjects.  A suggestion would be to have a FOLDER FOR EACH SUBJECT.

  1. Put all your tests/quizzes together in chronological order (by date). 
  2. Put all your homework/worksheets together in chronological order.  Always BE SURE TO DATE all your work.

 B.  One week prior to exams do A CURSORY (QUICK) REVIEW of all your subjects so you can determine how much study time you need for each.  If you do not have good notes or have lost copies of previous test, worksheets and quizzes, try to borrow them from a classmate and MAKE COPIES for yourself.  (You may come to the Guidance Office to copy).

 C.  Start studying early.  Cramming increases test anxiety.  Begin your study with ONE SUBJECT AT A TIME.  You should stay focused on only one subject at a time and complete your study of this subject before going on to another one.  All study should be done in A QUIET, UNINTERRUPED AREA.  A library is a good place to study.

 D.  Make sure you have A STUDY GUIDE OR REVIEW OUTLINE in each of your classes.  If there is something on the study guide or outline that you don’t understand, be sure to ask the teacher for an explanation before you begin to study.

 E.  Use the Following Steps as a guide to your review:

  1.  Familiarize yourself with QUESTIONS AND VOCABULARY at the END OF CHAPTERS BEFORE you begin reviewing the chapters.   
  2. Review ALL TESTS AND QUIZZES received back from your teacher.  Teachers often give the same types of questions on a final exam.
  3. Carefully REVIEW ALL NOTES.  When teachers give notes on material, they feel this is important.
  4. Make sure you know all the MATERIAL / QUESTIONS ON THE TEACHER’S REVIEW SHEETThis is most important!
  5. Complete your study with enough time that you can MEET WITH THE TEACHER BEFORE THE EXAM for any questions you may have or any help you may need.

 F.  The night before an exam you should only have to do A QUICK REVIEW.  All in depth studying should be completed.  Get a GOOD NIGHT’S RESTBE RELAXED and walk into the test with CONFIDENCE.

 Good Luck!