Multicultural Club

The Multicultural Club offers students the oppotunity to come together to learn and experience different cultures.  Students gain knowledge and appreciation of other cultures through food, music and interaction with people from various cultures.  The club sponsors an annual Multicultural Festival which culminates with an on-stage performance.

Marian Mainstagers

As part of Marian's award-winning Theatre Arts Program, our drama club, the Marian Mainstagers, participates each year in the Massachusetts High School Drama Festival, a tri-level competition designed to showcase and award the best in high school drama. 

The Mainstagers typically produce three shows during the academic year:  a fall performance, a Drama Festival entry, and a Spring Musical.

In addition to Mainstagers, the fall performance and Drama Festival entry are produced by students taking Theater courses, including Theater Production students who learn set design and construction, lighting and sound technology, in addition to acting.  The Spring Musical doubles as the Senior Class Play, and often attracts a few talented late-bloomers who have not participated in Drama earlier.  

Students who excel in all aspects of theater production may become eligible for membership in the International Thespian Society.  The International Thespian Society is made up of students who have a special interest and level of achievement in theater. They take an oath to be faithful to the cause of the drama profession. Their purpose is to use all their talents to produce shows at Marian which meet the standards and quality of the Broadway Stage.


All students are welcome to participate in the planning and execution of the annual Marian High Yearbook.  Initial planning for the Yearbook begins in September, and students work diligently until February.  The goal of the Yearbook staff is to produce an informative and lasting memory of the events of the current and prior school years.

The publication process gives the students the opportunity to learn graphic design, copy writing, copy fitting, and other useful skills.

Student Ambassadors

This group of students volunteer to act as representatives of Marian High School and participate in the public relations of the school.  They are actively involved in Open Houses, Student Visiting Days, and Freshmen Orientation.

Mock Trial Team

Each year the Mock Trial Team works on interesting case dealing with an important issue in today’s society.  The Mock Trial students learn the skills it takes to be a good trial lawyer: critical analysis; application of facts to the law; courtroom procedures; effective questioning of witnesses; public speaking; argumentation and debate; rules of evidence; and organizational skills. These skills aid students throughout their academic career, and provide a solid foundation for making all kinds of business presentations in the future, even if they don’t choose law as a career. In addition, they learn the substantive law of the case under review, often, as this year, a cutting-edge topic “ripped from the headlines.”

Science Fair

Each year Marian sponsors an annual Science Fair.  Students prepare their projects during the winter months and are judged in various catagories.  Winners go on to the regional Science and Engineering Fair at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  Winners from there go on to the State Science Fair at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Math League Team

The Massachusetts Mathematics League is composed of 44 high schools from the Greater Boston area, including Marian.  The major function of the Math League Team members is to participate in a monthly competition against other high school teams in their division.  At the end of the season the high scoring high schools are invited to participate in the Massachusetts State Finals. 

Other Clubs and Activities:

Book Club

Chess Club

Christian Outreach

National Honor Society

Nature Club

Travel/Language Club