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Congratulations NHS Inductees

Congratulations to the 21 Inductees to the National Honor Society.  Click Here for the event program to see all of Marian's NHS members.

Egg Drop Gallery

The Class Winners [Those surviving Both rounds and having the least massive "Egg Cradle"]:

Mr Barry B [honors]:   Claude Lin (39.8g)
Mr Barry C :                Nicole Batista (24.0g)
Ms Nihan B:    Isabella Nunes Matos (82.6g)
Mr Peterson E:          Andrew Young (24.0g)
Ms Nihan D:                Alex Madrid (64.4g)
Overall Winner of "Sudden Death Drop-Off": Tie - Nicole/Andrew

Click Here for pictures and videos from the Egg Drop project.

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"Attention all eighth graders! Sign up for Marian's High School Placement Test Prep Course today! The course is broken into two parts on November 1st and 8th, and can best prepare you to do well on the HSPT, a requirement for admission. Have questions? Contact Admissions!"

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