Dear Marian Alumnus,

Weeks before graduation, a senior at a previous school I worked at came up to me and said “Mr. Erwin, once I graduate, this place will have no use for me. I’m leaving home and will not be welcomed back.”  I said to him “That couldn’t be farther from the truth.”

Once you graduate from Marian, true you are no longer a student, but you will be a Mustang forever.   Marian High School will always be your “home.”  The Advancement and Alumni Relations Office is here to keep you informed of all that is happening at your alma mater. Through Reunions, the Marian Clarion, our golf tournament, and additional events, we will continue to connect and communicate with you. 

If you haven’t been receiving mailings and/or emails from us, I invite you to visit the contact page and update your information.  We’d like to keep you on our contact list. 

Please know that Marian High School will always be your “home” and the doors of your alma mater will always be open to you.  This is a wonderful community and I am blessed to be a part of it.  Please stop by the school for a visit any time.  I hope to meet you at a future Marian event.




David J. Erwin

Director of Advancement


Contact Information

Office Phone:  (508) 875-7646 ext. 206

Email: derwin@marianhigh.org