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Below you will find a collection of homework assignments.

Homework Assignments

US History - A Block

Due: 10/23

Chapter 4 Section 4 - Read and do all vocabulary, all checkpoint questions and the focus question.

Quiz on last two sections of Chapter 4 on Friday.

Article Assessment - Due November 3rd

US History - F Block

Due: 10/23

Chapter 4 Section 4 - Read and do all vocabulary, all checkpoint questions and the focus question.

Quiz on the last two sections of Chapter 4 on Friday.

Article Assessment - Due November 3rd.

Honors US History - E Block

Due: 10/23

Essay - Analyze the ways in which the policies of the British Parliament and King George III between 1763 and 1776 intensified colonial resistance to British rule and increased their commitment to the cause of liberty.

Essay should be typed.

Due Thursday, October 23rd

AP US History - BG5H5 Blocks

Due: 10/20-10/24

Monday, October 20th

Homework due Monday - Read pages 255-259, The Federalists and the Jeffersonian Republicans. Respond to the following questions in writing:

  1. Who were the Federalists and who were the Republicans? What were the goals of each party?
  2. Why did the United States nearly get into a war with France? Why was the war averted?

Read handout on the Alien and Sedition Acts and answer Document Analysis Questions

Read CD-ROM document 7.5 Opposing Views for the New Nation (1791) Answer questions

In class topics on Friday will include the development of political parties, the Adams’ presidency, and the Revolution of 1800. Possible film clips from the HBO series on John Adams.

Tuesday, October 21st

There will be an in-class DBQ covering a topic related to the Revolutionary Era - 1775-1800

Due Wednesday, October 22nd  – Read Chapter 9 pages 270-278.  Respond in writing to the following questions.

  1. The text says that few people would have predicted that America would become a continental nation. Why is this true?
  2. In what ways was America becoming less of a localized nation and more of a nation with a national identity and national economy?

Due Thursday, October 23rd - Read the Jefferson Presidency, pages 279-285 in your text. Respond in writing to the following questions.

  1. What values were connected to the idea of “agrarian republicanism”?
  2. Why did Jefferson believe that America could maintain itself as an agricultural republican society?
  3. What were Jefferson’s domestic goals? How thoroughly did he achieve them?
  4. What drove America’s push for continental expansion?

Due Friday, October 24th – Read the Renewed Imperial Rivalry in North America and the War of 1812, pages 285-293.  Respond in writing to the following questions.

  1. What were Jefferson’s foreign policy goals? Why did they support continental expansion? What problems did this lead to? How did the War of 1812 come out of this?
  2. How did the Indians respond to American expansionism? Was there an alternative to the conflict that resulted?
  3. What was the impact of the War of 1812 on both Native Americans and the development of a national identity for America.


Also read Documents 8-9 and 8-10 and answer the questions at the end of each document.


Contemporary Issues in Social Science - C Block

Due: 10/21

            On November 4th, voters in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will decide a proposed ballot initiative that would “ prohibit the Massachusetts Gaming Commission from issuing any license for a casino or other gaming establishment with table games and slot machines, or any license for a gaming establishment with slot machines.” (Massachusetts Information for Voters) Your task is to conduct background research on this topic so that you understand the pros and cons of this issue.

            After doing your research you will need to determine where you stand on whether the state should prohibit casino gambling in the Commonwealth. You will then write a persuasive essay of two pages, double-spaced, with an introduction leading to a thesis statement that supports or opposes the ballot initiative that would prohibit casino gambling in Massachusetts.

            As with any essay, you will need to develop your thesis with a body of supporting evidence. However, a persuasive essay of this type must also acknowledge the arguments of the alternate position. Thus, you must show me in this essay that you understand and can articulate your opposition’s arguments while simultaneously making a coherent argument for how these concerns can be handled and why your position is superior.

            As you near your conclusion you should finish on a positive note by emphasizing the strengths of your position.

            Read your essay aloud to yourself or to another person to catch possible errors and/or awkward phrasing. Note: do not use personal pronouns in your essay.

            Due Date: Tuesday, Oct. 28th


            Minimum two pages typed, double-spaced, 12-point font

            Two source minimum

            Acknowledge sources both within the framework of the paper and in a brief bibliography at the end of your paper. Do not just list web addresses.    

            *Remember: An A paper will acknowledge both positions, while clearly addressing how the opposition’s arguments can be addressed and by supporting your own argument well.