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Below you will find a collection of homework assignments.

Homework Assignments

US History - E Block


US History - F Block

Due: 6/2

Honors US History - D Block


AP US History - BG5H5 Blocks





Contemporary Issues in Social Science - C Block


APUSH Summer Reading

Due: See Below

Out of Many: A History of the American People, Fifth Edition

Read Chapters 1-4 in Out of Many. Respond to the following questions in writing. Keep your responses in a large 3 ring binder that will be required for class.

Chapter 1 – A Continent of Villages to 1500

1. Illustrate how Cahokia is representative of the definition of the word community.

2. List the regional geographic areas of North America and illustrate how each one affected the development of the hunting, desert, and forest cultures.

3. Describe what Europeans would find in North America in terms of the chapter title, "A

Continent of Villages,” and explain how this would affect European colonization.

4. Compare and summarize, from reading the entire chapter, various North American Indian attitudes in regard to community.

Chapter 2 – When World Collide, 1492-1590

1. Explain the meaning of the chapter title "When Worlds Collide," and list the results of the collision.

2. Discuss the experience of the Spanish in their New World Empire.

3. Explain how events in Europe encouraged the age of exploration and expansion.

4. Compare the reactions of various Native American groups to European incursions.

5. Compare the views of various Europeans toward Native Americans.

Chapter 3 – Planting Colonies in North America, 1588-1701

1.Compare the English colonies to each other in terms of location, reasons for    establishment, economy, governmental structure, and ideology.

2. Explain the various conflicts between European countries represented in North America, between Indians and Europeans, between English colonies and the government at home.

3 Outline the impact on the Indians of the different European plantings of colonies in North


4 Explain how various English conflicts over religion from Henry VIII to William and Mary partly affected the settlement of North America.

Chapter 4 – Slavery and Empire, 1441-1770

1.Explain how African slaves made a community of their own from many different cultures using the area of coastal Georgia as your example.

2. Trace how the system of slavery developed and entrenched itself in the Americas.

3. Describe the effects of the slave trade on enslaved Africans and on the African economy.

4. Describe the process of acculturation in becoming an African American as well as the process of Africanizing the South.

5. Explain the connection between slavery and empire indicated in the chapter title.

Also, starting in July, all AP students will be reading American Creation – Triumphs and Tragedies at the Founding of the Republic, by Joseph J. Ellis.

Each week you will receive a writing assignment (via email) from me connected to a chapter in the book. You will reply to each prompt by writing a 250-word response that you will email to me at the address below.

Failure to comply with summer reading requirements will result in your dismissal from the class.

If you have any questions over the summer, you can reach me via email at wjohnson@marianhigh.org

I look forward to working with you in the fall. Enjoy your summer!

Mr. Johnson