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Below you will find a collection of homework assignments.

Homework Assignments

Honors English 2 - A Block

Due: week of october 27, 2014

M/T 27-28 Watch Video of A Separate Peace

W 28 In class composition on A Separate Peace 

Th/Fri Psalms

English 4 - B Block

Due: Week of October 27, 2014

M 27 Voc. #4

T 28 Voc. #5

W 29 Voc. #6

Th 30 Review Midieval Period for test on Gawain, Morte d'Arthur, plus 4 poems.

Fri 31 Test as referenced above

Theatre Production - J1 Block

Due: Week of October 27, 2014

Th -  Quiz on Chapter 4

        Continue in assigned production areas

Acting 1 -G246H246 Blocks

Due: Week of October 27 2014

Th   30  Modern Major General p. 119

Acting 2/3 - C246 Blocks

Due: week of October 20, 2014

Th 30  The Boys Next Door -Auditorium



Set Design - F and D Blocks

Due: Week of October 27, 2014

M-Fri  -We will be in the Auditorium building sets for Christmas Pops. Student Assistants-you are responsible for your logs. They need to be filled out for last week and the current week.