Below you will find a collection of homework assignments. I will keep assignment up until either interim grades or end of term:

Homework Assignments

Honors Biology - A Block

Due: See BELOW for current and past assignments

4/8          QUIZ - Wed Medelian genetics intro and punnett square use

4/10         Find 2-3 examples of traits established though NON simple dominant inheritance [codominance, incomplete dominance, polygenic inheritance, and multiple allele traits]

4/14         TEST - GENETICS pt I Tuesday 4/15

4/16         CORRECT Genetics test 1; There will be an "addenedum" to test on 4/29 [tues] that will impact BOTH genetics test grades

               Work on pedigrees over vacation - they are DUR 5/2 [fri] - if you want me to comment of rough draft of pedigree - bring it in on Mon/Tues

               GENETICS TEST PT II will be on 5/1

4/28         Work on PEDIGREE assignments; Reiew tuesday for Thurs test

4/29         Quiz WED; Pedigree work!!!, Test Thursday  Genetics Pt II

5/2           No new written HW - We will wrap up MEIOSIS discussion Mon, Then we will continue with Unit on Reproduction, QUESTIONS 3+ due Tuesday at the latest

5/5           QUIZ - Mitosis vs Meiosis; 3+ REPRODUCTION ?s due

5/6           Genetics test PART II - Corrections

5/7           READ - 34.3, 34.4, 35.3, 35.4

5/13         NO HW; Science fair grades returned tomorrow - sorry for the delay - The videos were THAT good 

5/19        Read and outline CH 18

5/20        START looking for specimen for FLORA and FAUNA of  ______________________ project

              1]    Locate specimen/Photograph/ID [take multiple shots including close up] - store images, named approp in folder

              2]    photo verify using online or book field guides from the NewEngland area -

              3]    Create Word Doc with Info for EACH specimen - 1 specimen per page

              3]    Include in WORD DOC: 1+ images of specimen YOU shot, 1+ images to photo verify specimen, specific name [Genus, species], 5-10 lines of                        info/facts about specimen

              4]    Create a mini BIOME/diarama of YOUR town - showing the F&F of the Biome; Include a KEY of included specimens

                     ** NON-vertebrates animals may be preserved and displayed as part of lab write up ** look up info on drying insects, etc

5/21        Review 18 for Quiz - Work on F&F project

5/22        Work on project

5/23        SEE ABOVE

5/27        SEE ABOVE - PLUS review CH 18 for "Quiz event" on Thurs

5/28        Bring in 10+ small items for lab on THURSDAY




AP Biology - CG6H6 Blocks

Due: See below for current and past assigments


4/2          Reminder - Workbook sections due EVERY Friday!!! 3 chapters due the tuesday after April vacation [ONE due WED BEFORE vaca ]!!!

              ***CH 45, 47 and 23 to follow

4/10        FINAL list of Chapters and course requirements posted in Rm 48

              Test friday on CH 45 - M/C and FRQ

4/14       THREE [3] workbook sections are due on 4/28!!!!

             FRQ are due IN PART on the 28th as well

              Start reviewing/planning review time - YOU HAVE S MUCH COMING DUE YOU NEED TO DO SOME BIO ALMOST EVERY DAY!! [take Easter off]

5/2         LIST on board in rm 48!!!! CH 51 test - MONDAY - PRACTICE AP EXAM TUESDAY DAY/NIGHT - Review will be 6:30-8:30 due to Mr Barry officiating a track meet that afternoon

5/6         ***CHANGE**** Practice test starts double block WED, continues WED night 6pm at review session




Chemistry - D Block

Due: See BELOW for current and past assignments

4/8          Lab write up due THURSDAY end of day

4/10          12.2, 12.3 notes due Friday 

4/14         TEST - CH 12 Stoichiometry PART I - 4/15

4/16         VACATION: CH 12 - #36-56; CH 13 notes [sections 1, 2, 3]


4/29        TEST POSTPONED until Friday - Due to Junior fieldtrip; QUIZ Wed on CH 12

5/2         No new written HW - We will start CH 13 MON

5/5         CH 12 test 1&2 SIGNED and returned Tues; CH 13 Vocab list; TEST corrections

5/6         QUIZ - WED CH 13; TEST - Thursday CH 13 [ALL vocab test]

5/7        TEST - CH 13

5/9        Test corrections + CH 14.1 notes due MON [REST of CH 14 due TUES]

5/13       CH 14 - end of CH14 #39 - 63 - Due MON [Do part of it Wed night so you wont have over an hr of work

5/19      Gas LAw PACKET - #1 - 10

5/20       PACKET 11 - 15

5/21       PACKET 16-20; plus 1-4 in TRO section

5/22       5 additional problems from PACKET - your choice

5/23       DO % MORE unanswered problems - ALSO test postponed til WED next week

5/27       TEST - WED CH 14 - Gas Laws; THINK about GL videos

5/28       Take notes on 22.1 & 22.2


Honors Chemistry - F Block


4/8          Lab write up due WED, by end of day: CH 12 outline finish by THURSDAY

4/9          QUIZ - THURS - Stoichiometry

4/10        CH 12 #11-47 ODD only

4/14        TEST - CH 12 - Stoichiometry PART I - 4/15

4/16        CH 12 #47 - 56 [note the change - some problems were previously assigned]; CH 12 Test corrections as well!!

4/28        3 additional end of CH12 questions; READ CH 13

4/29        TEST POSTPONED until Friday - Due to Junior fieldtrip; QUIZ Wed CH 12 - Test avail Thurs if >2 tests Fri

5/2         No new HW - We will wrap up CH 13 MON

5/5         CH 12 test 1&2 SIGNED and returned Tues; CH 13 Vocab list; TEST corrections

5/6         QUIZ - WED CH 13; TEST - Thursday CH 13 [ALL vocab test]

5/7         TEST - CH13

5/9        Test corrections + CH 14.1 notes due MON [REST of CH 14 due TUES]

5/13       CH 14 - end of CH14 #39 - 63 - Due MON [Do part of it Wed night so you wont have over an hr of work

                 SCIENCE FAIR grades returned on Thurs - sorry for the delay - The VIDEOS were just THAT great!! 

5/19       Gas Law PACKETS - #1 - 10 (time yourself)

5/20       PACKET 11 - 20; Try to BEAT time from last night [you are doing 10 problems not 9 this time]

5/21       PACKET 1 - 8 in TRO section

5/22       No written work - START reading CH 22

5/23       TEST CH 14 - TUESDAY!!

5/27       NO written HW; Think of solo - paired GAS LAWS video  DEMOS

5/28      Test Corrections - Gas Law TEST



Due: See BELOW for current and past assignments

9/11         FILM camera needed by Thanksgiving break; 3+ rolls of Kodak TMAX 100 35mm film


11/15       NEW TERM:: Post Misc Photo to BLOG Sunday - QUALITY COUNTS THIS TERM!!!!!

               NIGHT TIME [BOTH available light and added light images] 6+ images DUE 11/26 [E]; DUE 11/27 [B]

11/20      EMULATION assignment - Due 12/9 or 12/10 - depending when you have class. 3 photos from print or online magazines that you would like to emulate - original and 3 emulations must be passed in.

               YOU NEED YOUR FILM and FILM CAMERA BY WED 11/27!!!! One roll of film shot by 12/2, 12/3 - depending on when you have class

12/2        Exposed B&W film due NOW!! NO comments this week [NO posts this past Sun either]

              Want to see emulation photod NEXT class WED/THUR

               Night time photos WERE DUE 11/27

12/5        EMULATION DUE M/T

               1+1+1 = 200 DUE 12/16, 12/17

               POST this Sunday 12/8

12/12       B - Block URBAN/STREET assignment 6+ images on USB DUE 1/9   

                E - Block  NATURE assignment - 6+ images on USB DUE 1/10

                Continue with yearly long HOLIDAYS assignment

                NEED Portfolio [or photo album] for First semester portfolio

               1+1+1 = 200 - due on USB with 3 photos AND 200 word essay 12/16 or 12/17

12/13      SEE ABOVE:

12/17      Comment on a SET of emulation photos by WED 11:59p

1/6         see above****

              PLUS - E-block [CHRONOLOGICAL photography] DUE 1/24 [6+ on USB]

                         B - block [EDITORIAL photography] DUE 1/23 [6+ on USB]

              START working on PORTFOLIOS: Book Portfolios due AT THE LATEST - Start of midterm

              3-4 images from each of the following assignments; [if only 2 images required - submit two

                    2nd term MISC

                    Chronol [E]/Editorial [B]

                    Urban, street [B]/Nature [E]





                    1st term MISC

                    1-5 portraits


                    still life

              ***Part of MT grade on portfolio is effort and creativity of book presentation***

              3 or 4 images from each of the above assignments should but represented and labeled

              They are in REVERSE order, please have the in the Portfolio IN CHRONOLOGICAL order**

1/14      CHECK ABOVE!!

             This Sunday POST one photo from either your CHRONOLOGICAL or EDITORIAL assignment

2/3        3rd Quarter REWIND - Choose assignment from 1st or 2nd term and REDO it

             E <-> B block switcheroo

2/12      Rewind assignment DUE 2/13; B block - CHRONOLOGICAL-NATURE [6 images due]

             E block - EDITORIAL - STREET [6 images due]  DUE 2/25

3/10      Keep working on HOLIDAYS assignment

            2 full page photo-based ads for your " FAVORITE "........Due 3/24

            Roll of B&W film - "Color Portraits" due 3/24 as well

3/11     REMINDER!!!!!! - Post to blog every Sunday by 12a; Comment on blog by Wed 12a!!!!!!!!

3/28     @nd roll of film MUST be reeled AND processed by Tues 4/1

4/2       Working in darkroom on rotating Group1/2 basis, when not in the darkrrom you are working on MACROMARIAN photos.

            ***NO POST THIS SUNDAY 4/6, NO COMMENTS NEXT WED 4/9***

4/9        MacroMarian assignment due Monday 4/14

            2 "Best" B&W portraits due by WED 4/16



            Misc 3rd Term

            Misc B&W prints

            AD Campaign

            Editorial -Street [OR Chronological-Nature]

            3rd Term REWIND

            Misc 4th term

            Portraits in B&W [BEST 2 images due 4/16]

            Macro marian [due 4/14]

            "Spring Has Sprung"  [due 5/2]

            Holidays [year long]   [due 6/5; by SENIOR FINALS FOR SENIORS]

            Paired project [WHO you will work with by the Mon after VACA - you can start working BEFORE THAT]

            "Personal Choice" B&W [ theme by 4/16; shot/processed and printed ASAP]

            "Action" [UNDERCLASSMEN ONLY - due 5/19]

4/14      SEE ABOVE _ PLUS ---- BY 4/16 Mr Barry needs to know in writing or via email what your FINAL required B&W assignment will be. You cannot choose "MISC" or "GENERAL PORTRAITS" as the theme for this 3rd roll of film.

4/16      Comment by TONIGHT 4/16 on last Sunday's photos; DO NOT POST on Easter, DO NOT comment next WED; you MUST POST next on 27th!!!!!!

5/2      SEE ABOVE LIST!!!! "Spring Has Sprung" WAS due Friday!! B&W film needs to be processed By Tuesday - SENIORS YOU HAVE LITTLE TIME

5/20     See above - ALSO "ACTION" assignment due by 5/21 or 5/22; HOLIDAYS due by 6/5; PAIRED assign due 6/5; Portfolios due by 6/5 **********


           Comment by WED 11:59pm - LAST BLOG POST OF THE YEAR!!!!



Below is general info and DUE dates for Science Fair participants

Due: See Below: THESE are 2012-13 dates they will be updated but can be used as a guide for now

10/1          Topics/Titles - THINK, DECIDE, TURN IN to Mr Barry ASAP - First Come-First Choice!

                ***TOPICS/IDEAS DUE NO LATER THAN 10/15****


10-17        Everyone is either working on IRP [idividual reseach plans] PLUS forms 1A and 1B

                 OR working on resubmitting a new proposal for approval ASAP.

                 Absolute deadline for starting projects is wed before thanksgiving - Any NOT approved BY this day will be marked dow 5 pts on final project grade. THIS IS NOT A DUE BY DATE - ANY PROJECT NOT APPROVED BY NOW IS FALLING BEHIND EVERYDAY !!!!!!!!!!

11-1          SCIENCE FAIR PAPERWORK DUE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do not delay!

11-7         RESEARCH SECTION DUE w/Bibliography on THURS

11-7        PENALTY starting Monday 11-11 Quiz grade of 0 if IRP/1A not in; SECOND 0 Tuesday - Max score of 65% on ENTIRE project if paperwork not in BY CLASSTIME FRI - WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER SCHOOL 11-15

11-15       FINAL CALL FOR SCIENCE FAIR RESEARCH PLANS _ Due BEFORE class WED - Otherwise 65 max grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/15      Form 1B due for ALL SCIFAIR projects - MAKE SURE PARENTS READ BEFORE SIGNING!!!!

11/20      YOU SHOULD BE WORKING ON PROJECTS!!!!! Update will be due 2nd week of DEC

12/2       Journals due - WITH EVIDENCE OF WORK - **UPDATE*** on 12/9

              EV projects - Turn in a typed Narrative discussing progress

1/14       REMINDER - PAPERS are due NO LATER than 2pm on 1/24 [FRIDAY]

              Mr Barry NEEDS to know which students/groups are videotaping their projects [BY 1/24]

              VIDEO presentations are dur 2/5 by 2pm

              LIVE classroom presentations start on 2/2