Guidance Office - (508)875-7646 extension 207

Guidance Counselor for Freshmen and Sophomores - Mrs. Cavanaugh

Guidance Counselor of Juniors and Seniors - Mr. Tredeau

Guidance is a service designed to help students find answers to questions, to help them make decisions, solve problems and discuss their concerns - in short, to help each individual student make the most of his or her years at Marian High School.

The guidance counselors want to help students to understand and be honest with themselves - to know their abilities, their weaknesses, their interests, their feelings and their relationships with others.  Students are encouraged to make guidance appointments on a regular basis.

As a parent you can help us with this process in a couple of ways.  Before your son/daughter selects courses for next year, please consider the following:

  •     Needs of your student
  •     Course availability
  •     Graduation requirements
  •     Expectation of colleges to which he/she will be applying

In the area of students' needs, you are our best ally. You are aware of the needs and aspirations of your child. Take these needs into consideration. Do not allow him/her to be overloaded  with advanced-level courses, nor to take only courses that will not be sufficiently challenging.

Since we are a college preparatory school, it is prudent to be aware of the expectations of colleges as well their requirements for entrance.  Marian's curriculum meets the requirements of colleges and provides many opportunities for choices (of electives, foreign language, level of courses, etc.).  The graduation requirement for Marian is 24 credits.

Colleges expect the students will have chosen their highest level courses of which they are capable. They want to see evidence of students' challenging themselves and seeking to broaden themselves. They prefer that electives be chosen mainly from the traditional academic fields (English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, and Fine Arts).

In summary, help your child with his/her decisions about course selection by keeping in mind Marian's graduation requirements, your child's needs, and the expectations of colleges.