Academic Overview

The focus of academics at Marian High School is college preparation for our students.  Students are required to to successfully complete 24 credits for graduation:  

     4 credits of English

     3 credits of Mathematics (4 are recommended)

     3 credits of History / Social Studies

     2 credits of a Foreign Language (same language, 3 or 4 are recommended)

     3 credits of Science (4 are recommended)

     4 credits of Theology

     1 credit of Fine Arts

     4 credits of Electives

All levels of classes prepare students to attend a four year college or university.  The most rigorous curriculum is the Honors and the Advanced Placement program.  During the school year students may elect to participate in a VHS (Virtual High School) course.  These courses are taught over the internet and offer Marian High School an opportunity to expand its course offerings.

High-achieving students may earn a spot on the Marian Honor Roll at the end of each quarter. To achieve First Honors students must have all marks of A's; for Second Honors students must have three B's (B, B+), all other marks A- and above; and for Honors students must have no grade lower than a B-.