Marian High School has always had a zero tolerance policy regarding bullying. Our Mission Statement is clear about the environment of respect and accountability we strive to create.
Our Student Handbook also addresses Harassment/Bullying.  Refer to pages 3-8 of the Handbook for further details, along with pages 18-20 for definitions, strategies and sanctions related to Bullying.
Steps taken in 2010 - 2011 to reinforce our stance:
This year, utilizing a grant from the Unity and Non-Violence Fund of the Srs of St. Joseph of Boston, we have:
  •       Had input for faculty/staff from the Attorney General’s Office on 51A Mandated Reporting
  •        Had the Improbable Players perform and lead discussions with students, especially focusing on non-violence,        bullying and dating violence
  •       Had input for the school community by Mr. Bill Phillips on bullying and the present Anti-Bullying Law
  •        Purchased resources - specifically posters on 64 Ways to Practice Non-Violence
Additionally, we have adopted the Archdiocese of Boston’s Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan.  CLICK HERE to access this plan.