Sr. Catherine Clifford, CSJ, President

 John Ermilio, Principal

Richard Gunnell, Dean of Students

Marian Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is comprised of experienced leaders in the business, academic and religious communities, and who bring a broad array of talent and dedication to the principles of Catholic education. Many talented Marian Alumni are among those devoting their time and energy to guarantee a bright future for Marian High School:

Kara Kolomitz, Chairperson

Eleanor McCarthy Bouvier '62

Lawrence Brown '78

Robert Buckley '71

 William Clark '86

Elizabeth Dill '77

Margaret Kennedy Musso '76

Thomas O'Neill, P'17

Christopher Petrini P'12

Daniel Phipps '86

Timothy Shay '80

Joseph Shields P'05

Joseph Verri '87